OneSource Features

A company wide, single-portal platform for ordering supplies, managing inventory, and distributing goods.
Designed with customizable features, OneSource provides a personalized order interface so your users can easily view and select from numerous authorized online catalogs. GMG Services will provide maintenance for all databases.

OneSource also supplies real-time inventory management for all your locations. In fact, GMG Services is the only vendor that has a sourcing, warehousing, fulfillment, and distribution network worldwide, which enables you to buy in bulk, without having to stock and manage inventory. With distribution centers nationwide, we can handle the inventory for you, delivering it when and where you need it.

Dramatically reduces the number of transactions and freight shipments, which reduces your cost of goods.
OneSource decreases your internal processing overhead by improving purchasing efficiencies. Consumable supplies typically involve multiple vendors, thousands of annual transactions, and countless freight shipments. From requisition to reconciliation, OneSource lowers your costs by decreasing the number of transactions and reducing the number of freight shipments. Multiple vendor orders can be bundled into ONE transaction with ONE freight shipment and ONE invoice. Internal processing costs are reduced, business processes are streamlined and your Bottom Line just moved higher.

One consolidated invoice, regardless of the number of orders and reliable security with full data transfer capacities.
OneSource reduces the cost of doing business by eliminating unnecessary processes and paperwork. OneSource bundles multiple vendor orders into ONE transaction—with ONE freight shipment, ONE invoice, and ONE check to write.

Offering multiple levels of security, the reconciliation process is simplified because all financial transactions can be electronically transferred to your system, eliminating expensive and time-consuming invoice data entry labor.

Real-time reporting allows management to approve orders, track usage, and reduce processing costs.
OneSource provides management with several levels of approval, including YTD cost center budget, before the order is live. This is the time to review the order and not exceed budgets.

OneSource provides real time inventory, which allows your business to move forward rather than stand still due to a backorder slip.

Lastly, OneSource provides the most robust reporting on virtually any aspect, from purchasing information to distribution trends and analysis.

The more you know about your business, the better you can manage your business.

One Click, One Transaction, One Shipment ………………OneSource

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One Click,
One Transaction,
One Shipment

Access your entire supply chain from your desktop. Easy to use and simple to implement, OneSource streamlines your purchasing process while adding significant savings to your bottom line...

And there’s no hardware or software to buy!

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